Trail Rides

1 Hour Guided Trail Rides at Heritage Ranch
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Pony Rides

Check back next year for all the info about our Pony Rides!
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Ranch Tracker Game

Experience the thrill of being a fugitive. Shortly after you are dropped off, we release the ranch tracker and the game is on. You have one hour to remain at large and capture all four flags. You are equipped with a map of the area and a compass, or if you prefer, a GPS option is available. Stay low, move slow when you can, and run hard when you get the chance.
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Heritage Ranch Horse Day Camp

Includes: Lesson , Snack , Trail Ride Each day camp will begin with a lesson where our professional staff will teach the children how to ride. Afterwards they will enjoy a snack prepared by our restaurant, "The WestLake Grill" To finish off their day they will enjoy a trail ride with one of our experienced staff members.
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We all loved your wonderful decorations and the ambiance that Heritage Ranch offers. The food was spectacular! We now have new ‘meat loaf lovers’! We also had a few special request meals which were personally delivered an…
- Collicutt Centre


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